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And thus my love of short men was born.

And thus my love for… EVERYTHING was born. This feeds my soul.



# It was so fucking heartbreaking to see this. Just moments before this she was comforting her boyfriend but as soon as she finds out what her best friend wants to do, that he wants to die and sacrifice himself for everyone’s sake, she can only think of one thing to do; to go with him and die at his side because after all Hermione is the only person that has never once left Harry, she’s been with him through everything and even now she wants to stay at his side and be there for him. Despite the fact that she might not survive until dawn she doesnt want to spend the last few moments with Ron, no, she rather wants to help Harry through this an die at his side. This right there is the most beautiful friendship in the world and deserves all the fucking awards there are.

AAAAAND the scene where tears exploded out of my eyes and filled the whole theatre. Her delivery was amazing I can’t even 

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my crys are endless…

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Please, please god, let there be a DVD…

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The last of the MAAN pictures I’ll be posting for now. But you have definitely seen the best of them now (first batch here, second batch here. my stage door pics here.). Before anyone asks, he is not putting on lipstick - he is putting a cigarette in his mouth. XD How anyone pulls off that much lace I will never know. But he does. Oh, does he ever.
Again: [I know they’re going to get spread around, and you don’t need permission to use them for whatever - but puhlease just don’t remove the tag and then repost. Do me the favour of reblogging - and if you edit - credit.]

So much fapping going on rn.

AHH! FINALLY! I’ve heard so much about this, it’s fantastic to see it.

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Submitted by someone who has since deactivated their account. Whoops!

I miss doing this.

Bowling! My husband is Hermione Granger, I’m Ron Weasley, and my BFF is Harry Potter


David Tennant on the cover of SciFi Magazine (cover text removed) // Original Picture.

After 3 long days of working on this, I am FINALLY done! I am extremely proud of it.

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*le sigh*

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Hahaha, what’s wrong with me.

 awww yeeeaaah

I love this.

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