I HAVE JAMMIE DODGERS!!! all I need is a fez…

OMG, there is a British store here in so cal… I’m dying!!!

Who the fuck would ever want to hug Draco Malfoy?


I would hug Draco.

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so mean, voldie.

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Reblog if you read that in Ron’s voice.

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Rose: So, the Royal Family are werewolves?
Doctor: Well… maybe not yet. I mean, a single wolf cell could take… a hundred years to mature. Might be ready by… oooh… early 21st century?
Rose: Nah! That’s just ridiculous! Mind you… Princess Anne…
Doctor: I’ll say no more.
Rose: And if you think about it… they’re very private. They plan everything in advance. They… they could schedule themselves around the moon, we’d never know! (they reach the tardis and walk in) They like hunting! They love blood sports! (the doctor laughs and the tardis starts to dematerialize) Oh my God, they’re werewolves! (they both start laughing and howl)

Doctor Who “Tooth and Claw” 2.02

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Dumbledore? Yes… That’s what they used to call me. Dumbledore the Grey. That was my name. I am Dumbledore the White.

this is exactly what i thought of during this scene lol

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this kiss is better in super slow mo…

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Leather trousers and lace cuffs

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