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Look what my husband made at work today!

Time for Doctor Who-y shenanigans!

i never get tired of this.


I’m in love with my new TARDIS mug!

I approve.



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TARDIS Kitteh Home

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My necklace for today. My TARDIS, my moonstone and my skull.

Suranne Jones- Idris/TARDIS/Sexy

You know, this has to be like Doctor-porn. He keeps this hidden under his mattress. 

The awesome moment when you realize that the Doctor and the TARDIS have had sex…

I’m so in love with this…

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This lovely TARDIS corset was made by Nikki Cohen of MayFaire Moon.

I would have accessorized differently, BUT I NEED TO MAKE THIS CORSET.

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I NEED these…

Jean-Luc PiCorg… OMG.

I got an external hard drive today, a terabyte. I named it TheTARDIS and put a decal on it. Get it? Eh? …it’s bigger on the inside… ;)